We get many people saying they are professional family photographers these days, so you must be vigilant when selecting a photographer. You shouldn’t believe everything they advertise on their website. To ensure you get the best possible photographer you must conduct a series of checks. Follow the tips below to help with the selection process.

Online Portfolio

One of the easiest ways to find a good quality Byron Bay Family Photographer is to look at websites online. Many professionals will have a website containing a portfolio dedicated to all the family projects they have worked on. You will get to know a photographer’s style by looking at the images they have posted on their website.

Take a critical look at lighting, a real photographer knows how to use lighting to their advantage and produce unique images.

Experience in Specific Settings

When choosing a family photographer, ask about their experience in specific environments.

In general, family pictures are captured in four main settings:

  • Studio with a backdrop
  • Studio environment
  • Outdoors
  • At home

You’ll find that some family photographers only have experience with one setting, while others have worked on all four. When choosing a professional, ask about the type of environments they’ve worked in.

Full-time Photographers

During your search, you’ll find that a lot of photographers only work part-time, and it is more of a hobby than a proper job. They haven’t dedicated their lives to photography, it is a side hustle that helps to pay the bills. Although you can find some great part-time photographers, the best are usually full-time professionals. They are more likely to be reliable, responsive, and quicker than part-time photographers.

Planning Session

Some photographers will meet you before the shoot to brainstorm ideas and discuss locations, clothing and more. If they can meet you ahead of time and plan the photo shoot, you will have a better chance of success. Before you arrive at the session, you should come well-prepared and you’ll know what to expect from the photo shoot. It is important not to book the photographer at the last minute so there’s time for planning.

Finding the ideal family photographer doesn’t have to be difficult. You can ask for personal references from family and friends while looking at photographers’ websites online. Looking through their portfolio should give you a good idea of their work, allowing you to judge their level of professionalism. Professional photographers are experienced, knowledgeable, and have access to first-class equipment.